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  • Seen how ‘the environment’ & ‘carbon footprint’ have become part of our daily vocabulary? That going green to prevent global warming features in every news forum?
  • Noticed the camouflage trend hasn’t passed & has become ‘mainstream?’
  • Frustrated that vintage re-sellers continue to surge forwards selling the same gear as you – at higher prices?
  • Aware that almost every fashion designer’s collection includes military inspired items?
So what’s your wholesaler doing for you?


At EAS, the Wholesale only Wholesaler, we firmly believe that we have developed a blend of both authentic genuine issue military surplus items & military style apparel & accessories…..that appeal to today’s buyers. And we’ve only just started!

Did you know there is a designated European Green Belt? That ‘camouflage’ is being used to communicate the environmental images by the European Union? As a main sponsor of the initiative, that also takes kids from the streets & turns their frustrations into art, EAS has embraced the power of camouflage. It’s here to stay so stock up! 

There’s only one way to drive communications forwards these days so naturally our evolving website www.europeanarmysurplus.co.uk forms the heart-beat of our organisation. E.g. Our latest downloads section has been significantly expanded to include a range of point of sale materials. Simply follow the link, print (& laminate) to get your messages across to the public: www.europeanarmysurplus.co.uk/environment.php

You can place orders / product enquiries on line around the clock – Save items in your shopping basket as & when you require them & continue shopping at a later date - Or simply submit each enquiry & we will collate your orders into one shipment. First come first served so don’t delay if you see something you wish to stock!

Using our unique advanced search facility you can quickly identify items relevant to you / your customers & design your own unique price list: Search by Product Group, Country of Origin, Colour, New / Unissued items only or any combination you choose: http://www.europeanarmysurplus.co.uk/advanced.php?begin=y.
Why not set up a terminal in your store so the public can browse for themselves & reduce your stocking risks?

Alternatively print the catalogue pages (landscape format works best) laminate & have a folder for your customers to browse. Request a copy with your next order.

Want more passing trade? We have free signs (with space for your address / contacts) that can be put in visible locations to draw trade to your door; http://www.europeanarmysurplus.co.uk/shopitem.php?itemid=RDUK005-NV-EA

Want to join our list of approved re-sellers? We forward literally hundreds of public enquiries to appropriate re-sellers throughout the country – That could be you so sign up today! http://www.europeanarmysurplus.co.uk/registration.php

Thank you to all our loyal re-sellers who have helped to develop EAS into the growing entity it is today. For the rest of you – What are you waiting for?


As ever, we would welcome your marketing / product suggestions- for which you will be rewarded. We would particularly welcome your ideas to promote recycling: email@europeanarmysurpus.co.uk

We look forward to helping you meet today’s challenges.

If you have any comments or questions about items in EAS press releases or for any enquiry please contact: email@europeanarmysurpus.co.uk

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