Romain - IT - Web Architect, Developer - French
I recently worked at Intatex Ltd for 7 months. The overall objective was to develop the commercial strategy through Internet platforms. My main task was to deploy an online shop using CMS. This would enable staff administrators to put webshops online easily. I also worked in close partnership with users to study & identify their needs and identify opportunities to develop software solutions that would save daily user time. The company atmosphere and the student's ability to participate to the evolution of the company makes it a great place for a trainee to flourish.
Laura - Communications - French
I was in charge of the communication’s company during 6 months, from March to September 2011. My mission was to develop a web communication strategy for all brands of the company. I worked mainly on the image and the promotion of the different brands. I was involved in the development of many projects: in charge of photographs and videos, creation of various supports, participation to business/trading tasks, etc. I recommend you this company if the work doesn’t frighten you… It’s one chance to get a great experience being abroad!
Marco - IT - Hardware Support - Italian
I'm in charge of IT (the hardware side). I have been working for Intatex since March and I really enjoy the job. Mainly I am improving systems and looking at building IT solutions for checking security issues. I also work in close partnership with users to identify their needs in order to develop hardware solutions which will save user's time on a daily basis. My personal goals are to develop and improve my English and to enjoy working abroad.
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